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Bottle Caddy

Bottle Caddy™ PRO

Bottle Caddy™ PRO

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Details & Specifications

The Bottle Caddy Pro packs all that you need. Whether it's for working out, going for a leisurely stroll or taking an adventurous hike, Bottle Caddy is there to protect your valuables conveniently.

  • Fits 90% of water Bottles
  • High quality and durable materials
  • Zipper pockets safely storing your belongings
  • Easy to carry your items to work, gym, walks and events
  • Ultra-grip design hold the Bottle Caddy in place
  • Adjustable pouch for your cell phone
  • Carabiners on both sides
  • (Optional) Strap for over the shoulder carrying

Key Features


Bottle Caddy️ is designed in the USA and made from premium grade, durable neoprene fabric.


Bottle Caddy️ is compatible with nearly all reusable water bottles that don't have handles. It works great as a Stanley cup carrier, Yeti bottle sling, or Hydroflask bag, and can also be used with bottles from Iron °Flask, Owala, Nalgene, and more.


Along with being one of the essential gym accessories for men and women, Bottle Caddy also makes a great gift for hikers, walkers, golfers, athletes, and anyone frequently seen with their favorite reusable water bottle.


Bottle Caddy️ is the backpack for your water bottle! Its patent protected slip-proof design keeps it in place whether you are walking down the street, exercising at the gym, or hiking through the mountains. With a design so impressive that it made its global debut on the Today Show, Bottle Caddy️ received Design Patent #US D1000220 and Utility Patent #US 11.753.209 B1.